Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


The GP won’t give me the flu injection- says I don’t fit any of their categories. Mind you years ago when I did once have it, I was the only one to get flu!
I was awfully worried about antibiotics which is why I have not had any in over 4 years; the bloat me terribly and cause adhesions to pull on my spine so the pain is unbearable. Also I’m allergic to an awful loot of them so he was struggling to find something. He said Clarithromycin are supposed to be the most gentle on your gut so I tried them and can honestly say they haven’t affected me at all the way other antibiotics do. I’m amazed. because I really was scared to take them in case they had the same effect that penicillin does. NO bloating, no wind, no stomach pain, no allergy despite the bright yellow colouring! Really surprised because erythromicin gives me excruciating stomach pain.