Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


Bazzer thanks for your reply. God I do feel sorry for you with your Tinnitus. My husband has that and tells me he has roaring sounds in his ears; He has to have a little sleep about lunchtime and when he wakes up he says it has gone, He;s very bad with his deafness though. So it’s give and take in our house. I lose my patience with him having to repeat myself abut 5 times (it leaves me breathless). So dont think you’re the only one. We have an argument everyday, He puts up with me and I with him. He must have a miserable time having to cope with me. The car knows its own way to the doctor’s and hospital, because there my only outings. Supposed to be going to the Fibromyagic clinic tomorrow but what’s the point they cant do anything,and cant walk from car to clinic.And you get fed up repeating your symptoms to new people. See how I feel tomorrow.
Suppose I should count me blessings really when we got married it was “In sickness and in health” and I’m afraid that’s what we’ve reached now. It all boils down to give and take and” for better or worse”. We both still have a sense of humour though and that helps you a lot (I mean who in Liverpool doesn;t ha ha) If you didn’t laugh you’d cry.!
Take car.