Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


Hi Bazzer, was never a runner, but did everything twice the sound of speed. Multi tasked (like most women). It finally caught up with me when my daughter produced children in 4 years,second ones being twins. My family has always come first,even before myself. I was burning the candle at both ends. Got the Flu and never recovered. Worked all my life but now cannot reap the rewards of it. Luckily we are financially sound,only because we worked for it, but as we get little pensions from work we are not eligible for any handouts.Not moaning though as I do get DLA.And dont have to spend much because I can’t get out. Feel sorry for my husband though as we can’t do all the things he had planned to do on his retirement. Sometimes he has a couple of days away on a City holiday with one of the grandkids. He must get fed up,so although not physically, he is having to suffer too. Not fair is it?