Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


Yeh Avril, i was an athlete, 100/200 metres, always out running, press up fanatic, worked silly hours driving trucks just to be somewhere else, then i burnt out, my body just collapsed, bit of a forest gump, only nobody told me to stop running, now i get around on all fours, not competitively you understand. Life is that short, seems long at times, pain slows it down.
I seldom practice what i preach, to hell with the consequences at times, providing i can acept them, but above all else i miss my mates, never had a family, always happy for others that made out ok, i’m just one of those who just couldn’t really handle this life, i’m really lucky to have gotten this far, quite amazed really. Our lives shrink, spend half the day getting ready to do something, go out, maybe, then too tired to do it, love sleeping, have to, but losing so much weight/muscle, need a video of mister motivator implanted in my head, that should finish me off, take care