Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.


Bazzer thanks for your advice. As I said earlier I blame the Aspirin and coffee. Knew I shouldn’t take them. But its like all things you forget how bad the pain is until you actually have it. Thought I’d try it instead of the Dihydrocodeine but wont be doing it again. Like yourself I am living with 24 hour pain (unless I knock myself out) and social life is non existent. Suppose to start at the Fibro Clinic on Wednesday but there;s no way I can walk from the hospital door to clinic, and lets be honest, I’ve had it that long now I’m learning to live with it There’s nothing now anyone can teach me (except don’t take Aspirin or Coffee!!.lol). If everyone leaves me to lead my life quietly I can cope.
Cheers Bazzer for your helpful reply.Hope you are OK.