Reply To: Inflammed Bowel.



We all have days like this,we need to have a moan now and again, especially when we feel our family are sick of hearing us! the truth is we get sick of hearing ourselves too! Well I do anyway. Re your inflamed bowel. i also suffer with the perils of IBS etc and the medications we take don’t help, do they? My son in law also suffers very badly with bouts of IBS, he has found that any caffeine products can set off an episode also many foods. He tries to avoid coffee and tea or at least not drink it often. he has experimented with other drinks (hot) and he enjoys some honey and lemon in hot water. We get squeezy honey that has lemon included or if we run out we get Jif lemon and any other soft honey that we have. He says this is really tasty and it doesn’t have any affect on his IBS.
I hope you’re feeling a bit better today, you might want to try camomile tea’s or something similar if you can’t stomach the honey and lemon.
Best Wishes and Good Luck.