Reply To: Laughter is the best Medicine, Part 11


A couple go to a psychiatrist who specialises in delicate sexual problems. The psychiatrist asks, “What can I do for you?”

“Would you please watch us having sex?” says the man.

The psychiatrist is a bit taken aback, but he agrees. The couple get undressed, enjoy some light foreplay and then screw on the couch in various positions, visibly enjoying themselves,

“I’m sorry,” says the psychiatrist, “I don’t see anything unusual about the way you have sex.”

He then charges them £100 for the therapy session and they leave.

In the following weeks, this repeats itself several times: twice a week, the couple come for a therapy session, have sex in the psychiatrist’s office, pay £100 and leave. After a month or two, the psychiatrist asks:

“Excuse me, but what exactly is it you are trying to find out?”

“Nothing,” says the man, “but she’s married, so we can’t go to her place. I’m married too, so we can’t go to mine. The Holiday Inn wants £200 for a room, a Premier Inn would cost £170. When we come to you, we have a perfect alibi, it costs us only £100 and BUPA covers 68% of that.”