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As above, I had unsuccessful surgery for spinal stenosis but it was for my lower back. Still, I dont wish I hadnt tried it as I would always have been wondering what if otherwise, and being in this much pain, personally I felt it important to try all the options. However, had I been given bad odds, I wouldnt have been keen – I was told if it didnt work it wouldnt make me any worse so I felt happy to go ahead on that basis. Its often a good idea to get a second opinion before surgery – a fresh pair of eyes on your scans etc. Might be worth considering, even if you have to pay £100 or so for it. Its a huge decision.

Also worth noting that for those for whom the surgery as successful, you wont find them on here, they will be out living their lives. This is always the case with the internet – you need to remember that you tend to read the stuff about the complications, or the didnt work, rather than those who got their lives back or who were cured.

I’d go into it very carefully and as informed as possible re: odds, recovery, etc. Good luck.