Reply To: Travel Insurance & SCS implants


Thanks Di and I followed that one intensely but wherever I go or whatever I try it cvomes down to three basic requirements which are to declare all existing and pre existing conditions. medication and recent surgery. Unfortunately with cancer the condition is in my case never seen as cured but ” in remission “. I have had organs removed straining other organs which make them risky and they receive medication. My immune system is restricted by surgery also and I cannot have vaccines. I have seven herniated discs affecting the neurological system so I have no real place to start. The most generous offer I have ever had is to cover my baggage excluding my wheelchair. It is simply not true that everything is available at a price. The fact is that a lot of people think they have travel insurance on their bank cards but if things are not declared they are not valid for travel insurance. You simply cannot insure what is already broke ! Ironically my scs is insured by Medtronic, Walton and my home Insurance…but that is the machine and not me which isnt the same thing. I personally have nowhere to go and my GP thinks that at times I am insane…I think so too haha.