Reply To: Travel Insurance & SCS implants


Well Steph Health issues sure change life. Insurances are basically a gamble where someone takes your money and hopes they dont pay out. They are bookies haha. So there are two ways of looking at it. You pay knowing you are giving away your money most of the time or you become a “high risk” and regrettably they love you no more. I have had several serious medical conditions and hence I cannot get any cover at all for me. They will gladly insure my belongings which I take as a compliment because they consider I can look after them better than I look after myself. That is fine but worrying as I have to have enough in reserve to get me back home by expensive means if neccessary. Despite all I travel where neccessary to improve my quality of life and consider that risk worthwhile. I inwardly smile as they could have had money off me for nothing for a few years…I despair each time I travel…just in case.