Reply To: Travel Insurance & SCS implants


Hi Liz

I used a company called MakeSure Insurance Services last year. They are in Southend on Sea and their helpline no is 0845 3094424, though the offer on the earlier message sounds very helpful and hopefully will get you sorted.

I dont have an SCS (am waiting for referral to have one fitted), but couldnt get “standard” insurance because of spinal problems etc. This company were one of the few who would insure me.

Reading all the posts on your thread about this, and about all the complications of being scanned manually at airports (and sounds like not everyone has found that easy to get sorted), I am pretty worried now! Plus, hadnt thought about needing to get all the charger, remote etc insured! Oh gosh. The pain clinic told me the SCS is a really big, life long step, and I am still keen to do it as I am desperate for some improvement in pain/quality of life, but oh gosh, as you say, these things never fit into normal categories do they?!

I hope you get some cover (especially as you say you are going to the US where medical treatment is expensive). Do others just not get medical cover for hols and hope nothing goes wrong?

Lots of love Steph