Reply To: Travel Insurance & SCS implants


Wow Liz

I thought we had already written about airports on the SCS threads. Please note that you are NOT allowed to pass through the scanners EVER AGAIN! It contains a magnetic field and will cause damage to your SCS. Please get a letter from a doctor stating this and carry it with your passport. I usually just say I have a pacemaker and that combined with my letters gets me through with a manual search. Please note that your recharger and remote are not allowed through either…if your remote doesnt work as a rtesult then how are you going to Function? You dont need to worry about this but just carry the right papers and stand up for yourself – just tell the airport people you want to speak to a security supervisor and let them ring your SCS company for further clarification. I have had to say this before – ring Belgium or USA to confirm and all has gone well.

Most household policies will cover medical equipment once you specify what it is and of course the serial numbers and proof of the value from your doctors. hav eyou not already included it on your home policy? y