Reply To: Travel Insurance & SCS implants


Thanks Both

The point I was trying to make in a rather garbled way…was that the insurance company ask about exisiting conditions/treatment & put backpain down as a ‘condition’ but won’t mention the SCS by name. I know that they can wriggle out of claims if you haven’t been very clear & even though there shouldn’t be a problem with it, what happens if there is & it is not clearly spelt out, are you covered or not?

I still am not sure this makes any sense!!! I will check my house insurance will cover the charger & remote, will have to take these. We are off to America so this is why I am trying to dot all the i’s & cross all the t’s.

I will try the company you have mentioned Dave – thanks. I know there really shouldn’t be an issue with it as I have no intention of doing anything to jeopardise it, but want to be sure I am fully covered & declared it carefully.

Another point is that the SCS handbook I have says to avoid airport scanners but the card the rep gave me says you can pass through them with caution??? Any views on this? How paranoid am I – just want it to be straightforward!!!!

Anyway – thanks again
Liz x