Reply To: Risk of losing DLA


Bex- same thing happened to me, the DWP withdrew ALL my DLA when it came up for renewal, went to tribunal with specialist help and it was very much easier than I had been expecting. The three professionals (medic, law, disability) were informed and understanding, and unanimously recommended even more than I had asked for, indefinitely. Even then the DWP refused to pay up and there was an unpleasant 9 months’ wait while they waited for the tribunal’s reasons – which were basically that they preferred my own medics’ reports to that of their visiting doctor and didn’t think I was an unreliable person. So they had to give it all back, with backpay, which was good but of course only until it all gets redone. In a way the wait was good because hard as it was financially it got me used to managing without the DLA money. The only good thing about a horribly stressful time. Main thing – make sure you get a properly knowledgeable person to represent/go with you. I shall never try on my own again. Good luck, Jane