Reply To: Risk of losing DLA


Hi Everyone, thank you for all of the replies & advice. I really appreciate it all. I’ve spent half of today trying to fax additional info to DWP but kept getting comm errors so think I’ll have one more go in am then send it pigeon post which means another day or so delay. Typical!
When I first rang them about this I was advised at first to ask for it to go to another panel to have it ‘reconsidered’, then if I don’t agree it’s off to appeal and finally a tribunal. So I’ve been waiting since then. I got a letter yesterday saying that they still haven’t decide which is why I asked for help. The reason I’m only now sending xtra info is that I got a letter from them asking me not to get in touch again unless hadn’t heard in 11weeks. Was talking to a Dr at wk today & she said that she had same thing with some patients too. I can only try what I can, but if they say no this time then I will contact CAB etc to get help with phraseology of appeal.
Have a good evening,