Reply To: Risk of losing DLA


They seem to be automatically turning down all renewals just to make people fight for it. they did that with me the last two times. You have to be careful if you phone them that they do not give you a reason over the phone. If they do that’s counted as your appeal. You need to ask for the reason in writing then send in a formal written appeal. In fact it’s better to ask to go straight to tribunal. When they realise you are serious about continuing the claim, very often they reinstate it right away. The only trouble is it takes them so long and they do stop your money although they pay it all back if you win- not much help if you depend on it as I did. When I asked what I was supposed to live on they replied “Disability LIVING allowance isn’t meant for you to live on”!!!!!!! NO maybe not as such but I do depend on it to live somewhere near a normal life like actually getting out of the house! Persevere with your claim; go to tribunal if you have to and if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask. Been there, done that. Won 3 lost 1.