Reply To: Risk of losing DLA


Bex I have not long ago been through the horror of this and I went from receiving higher rate mobility and middle care to just getting low rate mobility. I had had the other for 10 years so it was a nasty shock. Like you I appealed and received nothing from dla at all but many many weeks later I got all the forms from the tribunal service, so it seems as if now you go straight to tribunal. I have to say by then I was not mentally up to going to tribumal as I had already provided like you huge amounts of info and scans etc so there was nothig else I could provide to help my case and as I look perfectly well – my problem is primarily my neck and lack of use of arms- I did not rate my chances. The only reason they gave me the low rate mobility is because I am registered partially sighted and they had to give me that.
I know that I should have gone to tribumal as they are wanting people to do what I did and give up. If you have been refused dla completely then you have nothing to lose so please go to tribunal. I was scared they would take away the award they had given me.