Reply To: clinical psycology ?


Think that is brilliantly put Steph. Our pain worsens when stressed or under pressure, but you cannot tell someone not to take notice of their fears and stresses as that doesn’t make them go away. It also creates problems when we overdo things and make things worse as well. However without being too controversial help can come from other sources such as better provision of aid and money to allow people who cannot cope in a normal way to purchase such assistance as is available to make life kinder for them. It may not be productive enough to get people back to work but would provide them a better quality of life with less demands on the medical system. We all know that our mental state is important and also that the demands on us dont always allow that to happen. I suspect my problem with physcologists in the point that they try to prove that you are not aware of the state of mind rather than provide a route that is effective in my particular case. I know when I am on a downer and did long before my disability. Like all normal people ther are good times bad and worse times…thats life!