Reply To: clinical psycology ?


Hi Chris, whilst extremely annoying and intensely frustrated to be treated in this manner, with some Trusts it can be a requirement that you have undergone a pain management programme, including psychology where considered appropriate, before funding for other treatment will be considered. Something to have in mind, especially if you only have to attend another two.

I think if I were you, instead of complaining to or about the psychologist, who in actual fact is only doing what she has been trained to do and is often working on the information from the referring Consultant, I would be going back to the referring Consultant and stating that it isn’t for you – you have tried it and you don’t agree with it’s ethos as the pain is real. Least you can then say you have ticked all of the boxes and the PCT may be more inclined to fund additional treatments if necessary.

I have just had nerve ablation which the PCT where the hospital is based no longer funds as an ordinary treatment. It had to be proven that I had undergone a satisfactory pain management programme before funding would be authorised.

Good luck with it all.