Reply To: clinical psycology ?


Chris, really sorry to hear you have had to endure such crass comments from someone who should be better trained!

Whilst I dont wish pain on anyone else, I do think it would really help to have people in some of these key roles who have experienced it first hand. Its like when people become health visitors and haven’t ever had kids and they are advising you how to deal with a baby that cries all night – from a text book they read!

Comments about being in the mind are incredibly damaging, and yes I have also experienced it too. It can be hard to get over, and plays on your mind, but as already said try to forget it as you know your pain is real. I would complain and refuse to have further sessions, but as Rob says, trouble is then you probably get ticked off as cured!! If its a means to an end, eg getting on a pain management course, you might have to endure it. When it happened to me, I kept returning to the fact that I have physical damage, proven by MRI etc therefore no way its all in my mind! – do the stuck record thing.

Yes, if my bed was on fire I would move as fast as I could, but I would pay for it in a 3 day flare up afterwards!! (no pun intended!)

Let us know how you get on. Take care