Reply To: clinical psycology ?


Subtle differences here as pain is in the head as it is an essential requirement to the central nervous system. The huge problem when clinically said is that it is implied by the follow on comment that it is in the mind. So laugh it off is the crunch part of the statement which is a bit more than silly. Laughter releases endorphins as love and desire release dopamine but both activities can actually produce more pain. I happen to have personal experience as just had a tooth out and the endorphins of laughter are just swallowed up by the pain of the action. I dont wish pain on any physcologists and indeed feel sorry for those that do but I do have concerns about how they often present themselves to patients. I meet more people annoyed by the physcology treament they get on pain courses than any other part of it…indeed that is the point many walk away. The physcologists think that at that point they have cured whereas in reality they have been walked away from. That implies that there are lessons to be learnt. Shame about my tooth…dopamine would have been better ( my mind tells me haha)