Reply To: Applying capsaicin cream


Please remember, Jane, that capsaicin is also an irritant, applying it to my knees and hands, especially in bed, overnight it took my breath away. I took to using it mainly during the day, then washing affected joints before bedtime. Over several months i didn’t really feel any real benefit, maybe something in the massage, plus, for me, being a chronic tinnitus experiencer the continual absorbtion of chilli extract seemed to increase that. My main prob is osteoarthritis, i’m always chopping and changing creams, of course you have to give it a go. I also use support straps for my knees, and that increases the burning sensation, so no tight fitting clothes in the affected area, if you,ve no allergic reaction stick at it for a coupler months, and lastly, i always used disposable gloves, get it in your eye, just once, you’ll see my point, take care, and best of luck