Reply To: Stopping Longterm Opiates


Hi Nic and Izzy,

Good for you Nic to take on this challenge. I also have had a similar experience to Izzy, going from a very high dose (post-surgical) of oxycodone to nothing overnight, because of a very incompetent GP, and had very similar experiences to her. I had developed an acute allergic reaction to it. Coming off it was straight cold turkey, and was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. In the GP’s own good time – after a week or so when I was recovering – she suggested going on cocodamol, and believe it or not exactly the same thing happened. The same reaction and then the same suggestion to just come off it, the same horrific withdrawal symptoms. So I agree with Izzy, only do this under GOOD medical supervision, and only do it gradually.

By contrast, a few years ago I had become habituated to cocodamol and it did nothing for me. I didn’t trust my GP at the time, and anyway we were on holiday, so I took myself off it at the rate of 15 mg a day. This was not entirely pleasant but perfectly manageable. Did not spoil the holiday, the worst was a couple of hours of feeling sick and faint, cured by the next dose. After the requisite time I was off them completely with no huge problem whatsoever.