Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 4


hi Liz
Thats fantastic news i know your apprehensive but it will be worth while in the end. Try not to worry to much about it, Are the electrodes already in position or does the op involve placing the electrodes prorerly. Having not had a trial im not sure how it works. If the electrodes are in place then its a really minor procedure that i normally have under local though they will do it under general if i want them to. I will be thinking about you friday and sending you lots of healing thoughts and good wishes.
i am now battling a conditon called costochondritis it is an inflammation of the cartillage in my ribs and the pain is pretty unbearable when i move. Anyway enough about me like you i have spent the past 2 days thinking about Rob hoping that his trial is successful if he gets in touch i will let you know and vice versa. If anyone deserves a successful outcome it is Rob. He has put so much into this trial my fingers and toes are crossed for him.
Caroline i hope you are getting used to the sensation and that you are not jumping everytime you can a boost of sensation
Happy tingling everyone lots of love and best wishes Nicky