Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 4


Thanks Both of you

I know I had asked you before about the ultrasound thingy but I spoke to the hygeinist & she was not too sure – she has been told not to use it with pacemaker patients, but has no experience with SCS, a rarity obviously. I am very anxious as I guess we all are, to do the correct thing & not to fry anything.

I understood the problem with MRIs was with ‘frying’ the ends of the electrodes – have I got this right, or was it with diathermy? It all sounds a little scary but I want to be sure I really understand it so I can warn people who have the misfortune to look after me LOL!!!

I have taken some comfort from your comment Rob about not being too worried – but all the same I guess I don’t want anything to be unecessaily fried, particularly ME……

Thanks again – here’s to the waiting game continuing.
By the way, I did manage to sit in the cinema, but with great diffuculty & the man behind getting fed up with my fidgeting – worse than a kid….perhaps will wait for films to make it to DVD next time!!!!
Liz x