Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 4


hi liz, Rob
just adding on to what you wrote Rob i was told that even with the scs removed i would still not be able to have an Mri scan due to the electrodes.
I know this as the situation arose. My surgeon wanted an mri of my spine and the battery of the scs had gone so he was going to organise the scan when i went in to have the scs replaced. They were going to take the old stim out do the scan and then replace the stimulator.
My surgeon got in touch with medtronic and was told that due to the electrodes this was still not possible and they wouldnt recommend it.
However having said that i do know that my originall neuro surgeon who put the scs in for the 1st time does occassionally put people in an mri scan with the stimulator as the one he uses hasnt got a very strong magnetic force but he does warn you that it could cause damage to the scs. So personally i wouldnt take a chance.
Any way just thought i would add that information take care all Nicky