Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 4


hi all
Fisherbloke your complication with the sticky pad is what put me off the rechargable unit this time unfortunately i have very sensitive skin which cannot tolerate the normal electrodes with a tens machine and reacts very badly to dressings or tape or anything you use on the skin.
I will be really intrested to hear if when wearing the rechargable belt if it has any effect on your skin so please let me know how it goes.
Liz thank you as always for asking after me. I am probably pretty much back to how i was prior to this last fusion but with the added addition of leg pain which i must admit is getting slightly easier with time. The positive thing that has improved however is that i have more control over my legs which used to buckle and give way and cause me to fall over quite a bit.
I do still spend a lot of time lying in bed due to my pain levels but i am working with a physio on core stability exercises whilst lying here.
Rob im glad to hear that your medical issues with your blood will not interfere with your up and coming surgery. Hows the research going into the topic of stimulators have you had much feed back from people. Hopefully next time we speak you will be tingling away nicely.
Take care all and will speak to you soon Nicky