Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 4


Rob – Obviously I don’t know what prep you need prior to surgical implant so can’t offer support or advice on that. I can say though, in my case, the electrodes were implanted via a three inch incision below my shoulder blades. They then ‘tunneled’ along the spine and connected the leads to the unit, which was implanted in a ‘pocket’ they cut above my buttock. From going into theatre and back to ward via recovery took around four hours.

Actually, I was done quite quickly but could have been done sooner had it not been for various ‘cock ups’ along the way.

I was very lucky to have both an excellent pain consultant and neuro surgeon who pushed for this to be done. Without there help, I would probably be still without it.I do hope that yours does come soon and works as well as mine.

Liz – I went in on a Wednesday PM, had it done Thursday AM and was out by Friday PM. Initially, the pain relief was not total. It wasn’t until the technician attended and tweaked the set up that pain relief was full. My wife and I were in tears with joy as the pain disappeared; even the tech was overcome.

The incision sites have been painful but easy to cope with compared what I had before. The staples come out tomorrow and I’m sure it will feel a lot better without them. Just have to take it easy for a few weeks or so, then watch out!!