Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 4


Dear Rob

How brilliant……..It will be so good for you to finally take the steps towards the trial & I for one, will have all my fingers & toes crossed you have a positive outcome & as Nicky has said, you find it useful enough to become a ‘bionic man’……..

It really isn’t far off, the18th – although I am sure it will seem ages. In the scheme of things it is a realtively short space of time, but as I am having trouble waiting for the actual implant, I am sure you will be equally impatient to get on with it…..I am terribly impatient & want things to move on!!!

Caroline, glad to hear that all is well – I had been wondering. Have you had it fully programmed yet? How is the operation site & the implant site – has this settled?

How are you Nicky, things any better for you? I know you said it would be one day at a time, but hope things are going the right way?

Happy buzzing to one & all!!!!!
Missing mine
Liz xxxxxxxxxxx