Reply To: Fed up of not getting family support


Julie E – Lincolnshire. I,ve had FM and ME since 1989, something like yourself. It must be this weather because everyone seems to be having a bad time at the moment. All my friends have disappeared as well. Although in terrible pain, I can live with it if people don’t pressurise me. Like yourself my husband did not always believe me but I,d be lost without him now. Never stop him going to his football matches or out for the occasional drink but always tell him to have his phone with him. (Only thing is he’s deaf and if I should ring him he would never hear me!!) Over the years have forced him to read many articles on FM and I forums like this help so much if you can get to go through them. Have been prescribed Pregablin but only took it once and did not like effects it had so its back to dihydrocodeine and diazipam. Try to keep to just these 2 tabs, Some days I could scream with the pain from the burning joints, jaw pain and the millionsx of ants I can “feel ” crawling on my face. Anyone wanting support just e-mail me. Once the sun shines our spirits will be lifted, even though the pain will still me there.Dread going to bed because know how bad I will feel when I wake up. Have got Prozac but it doesnt seems to have any effect on me. Took it for 4 weeks and when I got no results I just flung it. Not the most patient of people.
Take care everyone.