Reply To: Fed up of not getting family support


Thanks to you all for your replies and kind support. I have tried explaining how fibro is affecting my life and my limitations and even suggested that they look it up on the internet hoping that they will get a better understanding of it but all I get is silence. A letter to them all sounds a good idea but knowing my family it would only add fuel to the fire. I never let it show how much pain I am in and if people ask how I am I always say I am fine as I don’t want to come across as moaning. I expect them to see for themselves how I am deteriorating when they can see that my mobility etc is getting worse. I don’t expect any sympathy from my family but a little understanding and support would be appreciated. They go out of their way to pick an argument over nothing which usually ends up with me in tears. The only thing I feel that I can do is cut myself off from them as I am fed up with all the stress that it is causing me.