Reply To: Fed up of not getting family support


Steph, have to say it, but with friends like that, who needs enemies.
Author, i have this elderly mother headache, she lives in the same old house, nearly blind, deaf, won’t go into care, i can’t maintain the place, can’t maintain myself, this wind has lifted tiles.wrecked the fence enclosure, i can honestly say if i didn’t have her to stress me out my health would improve considerably. I’m getting that way, i’m getting aggressive, have one room where i can shut myself in,feel safe, just switch these torments off. People, well round my way theres more than a fair share of right scum, if they knew how ill i really was they’d be all over me, so not only do i bottle this lot up, but i have to appear my formal self, its all front, i’ve got nothing left behind it, happy new year