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Di- It is the one at the old Hope hospital – now known as Salford Royal Hospital.

I attend this clinic and to be honest I’ve not been impressed.

Saw them first in October 2009 was prescribed Gabapentin and amitriptyline was promised a second appointment within 3 months. Despite a number of telephone calls and GP referrals I finally got a letter in October 2010 to say I had ‘dropped off the system’.

Got appointment in February 2011 but had to register as a new patient.

The Dr Turner prescribed morphine and sent me away but referred me to the psychologist at the Clinic due to the answers in the questionnaire they send you to complete as a new patient.

Saw the psychologist who simply said, ‘get over it, this is how it is, live with it.’ and refered me to the physiotherapist in the department.

Physio was nice enough, and taught me about pacing and keeping a pain diary, but the exercises, pacing etc don’t have an effect. No matter how much I do the pacing I cannot extend how long I walk for, and even then I need to rest 2 or 3 times whilst walking.

I saw Dr Turner once more in June this year as I was having a bad time with Morphine, so he put me onto Fentanyl patches. The appointment lasted less than 5 minutes. At this time he said he had done all he can do and discharged me from his clinic. Within a month of being on these I had a mental breakdown, only a small one, and as soon as I took the patch off and stopped using them I felt so much better………