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welsh paul

Hi from Welsh Paul.As I have had neuro pain for over 10years now I have been to lots of different hospitals and pain clinics and I have tried so many different painkillers with no luck I was offered a spine stimulator trial ,then the op in June this year.However I have experienced some problems with the stim but I have been told it should settle down hopefully after about 6 months.As i have said on my post I have pain from head to toe and this stim is to control leg pain.Then I read about Palexia on this exellent forum I thought I must ask my gp if I could try it for the rest of my body.So 2 weeks ago off I went to my doctors but I did’t see my usual gp .I was told I would have to get approval from the pain team before I could get them.My problem is I was discharged from my local pain clinic years ago when they said they couldn’t help me any more.So I just carried on taking duloxatine for another 2 weeks ,then today I went back for another try.This time I saw my usual gp who is great and she prescribed them without question.So I have just started taking them 2 tablets a day for 3 days then 1 tablet every 4-6 hours.I go back to see the doc next week to report how they are working.
When I go to walton in January Ihope to discuss the posibility of another stim op for the upper body pain,but even if I get the go ahead the wait for the trial then the op will probably take me into summer next year if my first stim is anything to go by.I hope palexia works till then.Best wishes .