Reply To: Laughter is the best Medicine..


A man goes to the Doctor who has been feeling ill for some time; the Doctor examines him thoroughly and does a blood test.
A week later the Doctor arranges to see him and tells him he has not long to live as he has got HIV 166.
He goes home to tell his wife, she says well don’t despair come to bingo tonight to take your mind of it….So they go.
After 30 mins he calls house, and wins £5,000….After a few more games he wins again this time the jackpot of £20,000.
The Manager comes over to see him, “do you know you are the luckiest guy in the world” shaking the him by the hand….

Lucky he says..LUCKY!!!!!…I’ve got HIV 166……..

Bloody hell the Manager says….You’ve won the raffle as well…..