Reply To: Laughter is the best Medicine..


One Friday a teacher told her class the Christmas Story, then at the end she said “OK, children. Over the weekend I want you all to make something connected with the Christmas Story, and bring it to school on Monday morning.”

Monday morning the children arrive carrying bags with their creations. Starting at the front of the class she says to Mandy Smith, “And what have you made Mandy?” “This, miss.” says Mandy producing a barbie doll with a circle of tin-foil stuck to the back of its head, and straddling a My-little-pony. “It’s Mary riding the donkey to Bethlehem.” “Very good.” says the teacher.

Then turning to Jimmy Bloggs she says “And what have you made, Jimmy?” “This.” says Jimmy producing an Action Man with a gold bottletop on its head, sitting on a dinosaur. “I’m guessing” says the teacher, “from the ‘crown’ that this is one of the three wise men. But why is he riding a dinosaur?” “‘Cause I aint got no toy camels miss.” “Well done” says the teacher.

Next she comes to Bhupindra Patel who, as you may guess, was not of the Christian faith, and had never heard the Christmas Story before. “So what have you made, Bhupindra?” “I’ve done the most important part fo the story.” says Bhupindra producing a shoe box full of grass cuttings with three Dairylea Triangles on top. “Errr, ummm, and what part of the story is this exactly?” asks the teacher. “Oh miss… Can’t you tell? It’s the bit where you said Mary and Joseph found a crib full of hay, and laid the Baby Cheeses on it.”