Reply To: Tinnitus and Pregabalin


Tinnitus for me is a jet airplane taking off, in each ear, and a leaking gas bottle with heaps of pressure, between them. Recently, i tried diclofenic once more, to ease my arthritis, now that sends my ‘t’ right through the roof, but i didn’t get past one 50mg tablet, even taking 20 mg omeprazole too regularly. Now i have constant stomache pain and nausea, and i believe, pancreas probs. I,m still not taking pregabalin, a ‘spike’ in my tinnitus at this level, well, i won’t go there. It a wretched affliction i feel for everyone out there with this thing, my doctor gets really annoyed with me, but he’s not living inside this body. I live on the edge, but of what i just don’t know. I feel my health failing at a very rapid rate now, but somehow i’m not that concerned, i guess its all just one great big experiment, back into the melting pot we go, possibly pop up somewhere else, who knows.
Good to hear from you Lupin, all you guys take care