Reply To: Health anxiety with spinal trouble!


I have a twisted spine, i don’t have spondilosis yet (another phobia of mine, but maybe a possibility), and a recent x ray showed all the bone spurs all the way down it, so maybe i can loosen it a little, i’m 60, or things will continue to deteriorate, just the same my doctor tells me its all psychosomatic, sent me to the psychiatrist, another pill pusher who doesn’t understand the word diagnosis, a person who i expressed the need to try biofeedback, or group therapy CBT, but no, take some more drugs, you see, i have this condition, amongst others, and the so called ‘medical proffesion’ are just amplifying it with their incompetence, 10 minute clock watchers, i feel the need, very much now, to just go it alone.
I had the good fortune/miss fortune to speak to a world famous knee specialist, about my knees, he had no idea what was wrong with them, masses of nerve pains, parathesias etc, i told him the twist in my spine was upsetting my pelvic gurdle and that my knees were trying to compensate for tha when i walked, but he told me, to my amazement, that he doesn’t deal with spines, so it all stays in my mind, like so many other things, rattling around, adding each and every other ache into the scenario