Reply To: Simple Pleasures…..!!!!


wow, can’t believe its been that long since I joined this down to earth, honest, warm and frank website. I know I don’t post much, but I still read the posts and feel for you all.
Anyhow, simple pleasures… right now, knowing it doesn’t matter how long the meds make me dizzy & sleepy for, because its the weekend, too cold to be out and glad to be in, in the warm, with nothing stressing me out, so if need be I can continue taking the prescribed amount without worrying about having to go out at all for the next 3 days – having enough time to sleep them off, and looking forward to being out in the fresh (or icy) air again on tuesday. Knowing that while I’m in, I can watch crap tv and have an excuse todo absolutely nothing else, except perhaps, singing along to the old gold hits blaring out on the radio and not feeling guilty for that or for waffling. For still being able to smile and laugh with my kitty