Reply To: intimate relationships and chronic pain


Hi Steve and sorry things get no better for you on the home front. Tears are sometimes a good release but maybe you should establish exactly what the problem is. Obviously there are many factors like your medication, anxieties and maybe physical issues also. I must add that my back has never been any reason for me to lose sex drive..ability maybe but not drive and nor would I think the two are related. I think my first step would be to a good Gp to check medication issues and then if no real answers to ask for Edocrine referal to establish whether there are any obvous physical reasons. One thing that does spring to mind is that sexual arousal stimulates nautural hormones that are pain reducing (dopamine) so it is an important issue. I know it can be embarassing but after 20 years plus attending endocrine pride falls out of the equation. I wish you luck and hope you make progress soon as a painful back is enough on its own.