Reply To: intimate relationships and chronic pain


Hi Judip, sadly my marriage did not last due to my difficulties due to pain etc.

i suppose we change so much as people when we experience pain all the time, partners cannot be prepared nor can we.

I am so sorry but it is best to talk about it as much as possible, get counselling if your partner will agree.

I sugest you start a new topic on this situation so more can support you here.

Do think about how you are coping, are you getting any assistance from outside family? this makes huge difference as then family do not have to be carers.

I have personal assistants like carers who help me so I do not have to use my family to get out and about, they help with personal care etc.

I think I am a stronger person due to pain experience, I have empathy for others in pain and just feel I know myself better.

I have no expectations about another relationship even though I get lonely at times, I keep myself busy with other life activities, my grankids and voluntary work.

We are here so do keep talking about what is happening for you. bye for now.