Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Sorry I’ve not been on here for a while… just wanted to wish all fellow tinglers and those in waiting a very Happy Christmas and hopefully a less painful 2012.

Mark – great news your trial went so well, and wonderful that you are not fully “out” for the main implant – I feel if that had been the case for mine, I would have ended up with electrodes properly placed as per the trial, rather than this 2nd rate result. Hope the wait for full SCS isnt too long.

Colin – Im under Bristol too, Im assuming it wasnt them that MRI’d you as surely they would know better? I wear a med alert tag necklace which says no MRI, etc etc and as everyone has said its majorly serious so some answers need to be found, and also some review of the damage and how to repair it.

Liz – brill to hear from you, sorry things not so good – you MUST make some time to get the rib pain checked out and maybe some fine tuning with Simon.

Have a great Christmas everyone, Love Steph