Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Hello I’m Colin I’ve had a stimulator since April/May as most people have said the trial worked better and I’ve also had several appointments to try and fine tune me. The relief is meant to be all the right leg as I’ve lack of sensation in it. I’ve had 9 procedures in the l5 area and the consultant is going to do number 10 (exploration).but since it’s been playing up I have been getting shocks off it and other people ,the pocket they make is so sore it makes me feel sick and now my neck and hands are having problems which the consultant is going to wait b4 he ops hebalso put me through the mri scanner to see the damage in my neck which damaged my scs but why
do I get shocks why so much meds and what machines
do you all have as mine is a Boston scientific one I read
all different reports thanks have a good pain free xmas