Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Lea -you are more than welcome to e mail me. Taking fright is most certainly what I did! I went to the clinic on the Wednesday and got a phone on the Thursday to say the full implant was the following Tuesday. To say I went into flap mode is an under statement!! Had a very frantic weekend of pyjama buying and organising the family!! I thought I was going to be house bound for weeks, but in reality I was only stuck in for about two days, after that it was small trips out to visit friends and buy cake and sweets (it helped with my recovery was my excuse!!) Another positive from the scs is that I have lost the extra pounds I had put on due to the Gabapentin, so doubly happy!
Mark – very positive news, so pleased for you. Like you say the wait for the full implant was awful, having had a taste of what the stim can offer it is cruelty to take it away and make you wait! Luckily I only had to wait 3 months.
Hope your week continues in the same way, and I am sure your wife would prefer to believe that the extra boost was created by her!
Hope everyone can get some peace over the holiday period. x