Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Hi Laura. I dont know of Mr Bosma and it reads as though he was in Walton during the early 1990s which was well pre my spinal issues becoming difficult. On the point of scar tissue I assume you mean nerve scar tissue and I would assume scs would be fine if they can hit the right spots. On the issue of travelling you are far better travelling farther to an experienced hospital than using a hospital; with little experience. It may well save a lot of journeys despite it being farther away and consequently no more demanding. Hospitals that do not frequently implant scs can have funding issues and the back up may not be as rescourceful either. If it is successful and once up and running it is just two appointments a year. If there are problems then obviously you are farther away but the remedy may well be quicker. I have an option of 15 mile or 50 miles away and take the longer journey option due to their far greater experience. I dont always complete the round trip the same day but that isnt a problem for me. I would give it a go