Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Re-posted for peter72 – UK

Hi All Steph in response to your question as to how i coped with having both procedures done under local anesthic,really did not have a choice.I suffer with chronic respiratory problems,i am on oxygen 16hours daily.without oxygen my oxygen levels drop to 83,with oxygen it goes up to around 90 -92 not good but it keeps me going.Full anesthsia is to much of a risk so they tell me.But in all honesty i can say i never felt any pain at all.Ifound the surgery very interesting in so much as i was able to watch them remove the old battery and put the new one in,in the middle of the overhead theatre lighs there was a stainless steel middle just like a mirror i watched them do most of the surgery,very interesting indeed.Rob glad you are also happy with your stimulator.Just one more thing,when you are told and read how your stimulator can interfere with certain electric things i was going through the doors of Marks and Spencers my stimulator went to full power,my wife and many members of the public got a shock seeing a full grown man throwing his arms and legs all over the place,it felt like one big electric shock,i make sure i have it switched off when i go into Marks,it never happens in any other shops scanners,so beware Regards Peter