Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Nicky – what an awful situation, sorry don’t have anything productive to offer just my sympathy and total astonishment as to what appears to be pen pushers gone mad! Hope you can shout loud and make yourself heard!
Mark my trial was just done with local (and I even had to ask for that to be topped up at times, it took a long time to get the wires in place) and the full implant was a general. Can’t say I enjoyed the trial implant but the outcome was well worth the pain!
Four weeks since the implant and all is going well, surprised how sore I still am but getting about really well (frequently doing too much and paying the price!) and have dropped meds significantly. Night time is still not going well but have apt next week and can hopefully get some appropriate programming for lying down. Getting weird changes in temp and Bex said she suffered the same for about a month so hopefully this will tail off soon. I can leave the house in coat and scarf, get a sudden surge of being roasted and return in just my T shirt – the husband thinks I have lost the plot completely! Night times are the worst- swing between boiling and sweating to shaking with cold all within 10 minutes! Still wouldn’t dare complain the stim is wonderful and is slowly but surely giving me back a life with some quality and less meds fog! Hope you all have a good day. x