Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Re-posted for Peter72 – UK

Hi all Maybe i have just been very lucky with my spinal cord stimulators over the past years.Due to chronic respiratory problems i had all my surgery done wide awake.It was carried out with just local anesthetic,i never had any sedation either,it felt a little uncumfortable but not painful.The best part of this kind of surgery was that on being taken back to the ward insidr of fie minutes i was drinking tea and eating toast,like i said maybe i have just been very lucky.Just another point,when they removed my old battery the space was very wide,the consultant had to stitch the new one in place with quite a lot of stitches to stop it moving about.The only problem i have had with my implants is where the are in my stomach,they are just on my belt line just to the left of my belly button,i find i have to wear my belt very loose i wear braces to hold my pants up. Regards to all Peter72