Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Hi All,
I’ve not posted for many many months so only a few people may remember me. I had my scs fitted last year and have had one further op as the leads moved. It’s not perfect and ideally I need a further op to move the leads again but not ready for that yet. My question to all you other lovely buzzers was about the main implant itself. Mine is on my right top buttock area and for the last few months has started to feel uncomfortable to lie on and with certain belts etc. It feels like one corner is much closer to the skin than before. I’m seeing my surgeon but not until Feb (unless I give in and pay to see him beforehand) so wondering if you have known of the implant to ‘grow out’ at all. I appreciate it wouldn’t move after the initial settle period as the scar tissue etc but what about the body rejecting it? I know its not the same at all but I had a belly button piercing (in my younger slimmer days!!) and that grew out. Anyone heard of this happening? Sorry to post only for my own selfish questions, but life has been super tough recently xx Hope you are all buzzing as well as can be xx