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Hello everybody first time caller as they. I have had three spinal operations two fusions,two artifical disc L5 L6 titanium screws nuts and bolts.I had my first stimulator fitted Feb 2008,this was done two weeks apart temp one then perm two weeks later,i had the prime advanced stim first, the non rechargable one ,this one lasted 3years 6months before the battery went flat,it is only then that you realize just how good stimulators are.I had to go back on gabapentin and amitrip. I have had my new super deluxe model fitted this was done on Nov 7th this year,it was just like having my best friend back,instent pain relief at the press of a few buttons.My new stim is the rechargeable restore sensor the one that responds to body movement.I can only speak for myself when i say i could not have managed over the past years without my stimulator,so to any one who is thinking of having one fitted,I can in all honesty say it is the best thing i have for pain relief in my lower back,buttocks and for my left leg and foot. Hope this as been helpfull and not just a load of waffle .Regards Peter72